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Top 5 Don Knotts Movies of All Time

Don Knotts, best known for his role as Barnie Fife as a deputy-sheriff on the Andy Griffith television show during the 1960’s, was a talented, comedic actor that inarguably set the stage and bar high for fellow comedians alike.

Knotts, unknown to many, actually popularized and successfully starred and filmed many of his own movies, so we’ve taken the time to compile some of his top movies and share them with you!

The Private Eyes

In a spoof of Sherlock Holmes, Knotts stars with Tim Conway is a stunningly hilarious comedic movie, with absolutely humorous props, comedic jokes, puns, and adventures that are sure to knock anyone out of their seats if they’re a true Knotts fan!

With Spooky surprises and witty-remarks, this film is most popular for truly showing Knotts creative and humorous side, while pleasing the audience with fun-filled action, discovery, and a little imagination!

This film puts the audience in and out of their seats with comedy as Knotts, an Inspector Winship and his accomplice Dr. Tart investigating a murder crime within a haunted mansion—sure to spook anyone out of their seats!

The Incredible Mr. Limpet

This movie starring Don Knotts is full of entertainment and imagination, fusing both real life actors and a cartoon experience to viewers!

Starring as a shy bookkeeper, Mr. Limpet somehow finds himself stuck and falling off a pier, and in turn morphing into a fish that comes back later to help the Navy track down and locate German U-Boats!

Filled with action and adventure, this is definitely one of Knotts best, most entertaining films! This movie is full of fantasy, but did not receive the greatest reviews by movie critics seeking much more exploration and film-definition considering it was not labeled or sold as a ‘full length film’.

The Apple Dumpling Gang

Starring again with Tim Conway, the Apple Dumpling Gang is an entertaining movie, starring Knotts as a frontier gambler, taking place in seemingly Wild West like time and place, finding himself entwined with the responsibility of caring for three orphaned kids.

After discovering he was not up to par with such a serious commitment, he decides to share the responsibility with his coach-driver. The story takes a twist when they discover the kids inheritance is worth a fortune, and they find themselves literally sitting on top of a fortune!

This film is plentiful of slapstick comedy, and Knotts along with Tim Conway dominate the screen in their wingmen like comedy performance, keeping the audience constantly laughing, entertained, and guessing what they’ll do next!

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

Knotts, starring as Luther Heggs is a typesetter for a local newspaper, yearning for his chance at making it big and being given a shot to be a journalist and reporter! After some hard luck and good work, he finally gets the opportunity and assignment to go sleep over in a house that’s believed to be haunted.

Filled with visual gags and comedy, Knotts brings plenty of laughs to the audience with his original, dry humor! This film includes plenty of adventure, and is sure to bring plenty of smiles and laughs to any aged-viewers, and really brings out the best in Knotts and allows him to show his audience his genuinely humorous personality and passion to entertain!

To top it all off, viewers may or may not be given the rare chance to enjoy the sights of a Playboy Bunny along the way, so hold tight in your seats and enjoy some more adventures with comedic star Don Knotts!

No Time for Sergeants

If you’re a fan of military movies, Don Knotts, or a bit of the two, then this is the perfect, classic comedy film to watch! Originated in a book, then play, TV show, and back to a film this is definitely one for the books!

Knotts is forcefully admitted to an Air Force base after dodging the draft notices him and his father receive on his farm, and in turn he winds up being ‘the most popular’ private to enter and serve the United States Air Force. From funny tidbits, latrine duty, playing with the SGT, to adventures in the sky, this is definitely a must-see for any true Don Knotts fans!

Why Don Knotts is Awesome

Should you ever be asked “Why is Don Knotts awesome?” you do not need to stumble around trying to come up with an answer. The aging comedian has a distinguished film and screen career. It is possible people have even seen his show, decades after it aired in black and white. Don Knotts played the bumbling Barney Fife on the Andy Griffith show. He also starred in a movie where he got turned into a fish.

Why Don Knotts is Awesome!

Family Guy and The Simpsons have portrayed Knots as playing whiny characters, but this is not necessarily true. The voice of Barney Fife, for example is somewhat grating. It fits the style of the character. Fife attempts to be commanding, but the more easy-going personality of the Sheriff dominates the character of the Mayberry law-enforcement agency. Even if he did nothing else, the actor would be remembered for his role in this long-running show. It has remained in reruns for almost fifty years.

The reader may wonder why the Andy Griffith Show has survived for as long as it has. The answer is simple. Everyone wants the small-town community presented in the town to be real, even though the truth is that no place like Mayberry RFD ever existed.

Now, let us return to the question of Don Knott’s awesomeness. Like Betty White, he has maintained an acting career long after what people would consider to be the prime of his life. He even managed to star in a few Disney movies in the last decade. Of course, he never starred with Andy Griffith in anything after the show. He also did not star with Jim Neighbors, who played Gomer Pyle of the United States Marine Corps. Before he joined the USMC, Mister Pyle worked at a gas station outside of the sleepy little town.

So, Don Knotts may not be a big box office draw. He may not get the attention of Betty White, but he may if he holds on for a few more years. George Burns, another comedian who acted late into his life made movies into his nineties. He even made it to his one hundredth birthday. He may even get his own courtroom drama, but such a fate seems unlikely.

There is another reason that Don Knotts is awesome, although it is somewhat more obscure. One thing that contributes to his awesomeness is that he is not Ernest Borgnine. Ernest Borgnine starred in McHale’s Navy and in the original Poseidon adventure. Of course, it may be hard to tell them apart in the black and white offerings, but one sure way to tell them apart right now is that Borgnine is dead while Knotts is still alive. The currently vital state of Knotts means that new generations can discover his comedic style. They do not have to hear comments about how this particular actor is dead when they watch his old movies, either. This can save an older person from having to answer many awkward questions. They may even see him play a fish and watch a new movie.