Andy Griffith Show – Opies Allowance

I remember this episode well from when I was a kid. The wisdom that show imparted on me and my friends was incredible.  I feel bad for kids these days (and their parents) with all the garbage that fills the airwaves – even the stuff posing as “educational”.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about whether or not parents should give their kids allowances and it really baffles me that there is even a question.

Of course you should!  

The sense of entitlement in kids today really bothers me – what is the world gonna be like in 20 years when all these kids hit the job market? They will want 3 hour lunches, 5 hour work-days and 4 months paid vacation every year.

When I was growing up, if I wanted to buy a new Airplane model or Estees Rocket kit I would have to work for it, pulling weeds in Miss Mendenhall’s backyard or cleaning cat cages at the 4th of July Cat Show. This would practically be considered child abuse these days and I might go to jail for forcing my kids into Child labor, or if the job was more than a mile from my home – I could be charged as a human trafficker!

We live in a crazy world and I long for the simplicity of my childhood…

Good thing I can find the Andy Griffith show whenever I need a break from today’s reality!

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